Culture and Civilization

The Pillars

Since the Great Migration, people have settled across nine different Pillars, cities built atop and sometimes in plateaus and mountains that lie high above the cloudlayer. Some of the Pillars used pre-existing buildings discovered by the first climbers, others have been entirely built in the past fifteen years. The population of each Pillar ranges dramatically. The largest Pillar, New Renfyr, boasts more than 21,000 inhabitants while the smallest and newest, Slateshield Pillar, is little more than a glorified military outpost of 2,000 inhabitants.

New Renfyr
Russet Pillar
Turquoise Pillar
Everstrong Pillar
Obsidian Pillar
Skyfall Pillar
Bloodforge Pillar
Viridian Pillar
Slateshield Pillar

The Godroads

The Lowlands

Gevik’s Spire
Jungles of Autun
Old Renfyr City
Hammerweep Swamp

Culture and Civilization

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