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Possible Campaign Arcs

Return to Dragona
PCs are introduced to a young charismatic dragonborn prince who wants to return to the Lowlands and liberate a harbor along the southern coast of Jena. He plans to then escort a group of colonists to any surviving ships and embark towards the forsaken continent of Dragona. No one knows what they will find there, but the colonists are optimistic that they will be able to either find allies to bring back to Jena or simply find a better life in a new land.

As members of the vanguard, PCs should expect a heavy dose of exploration and infiltration style of gameplay early in the campaign. Assuming they are victorious in securing ships, the PCs would need to assist the colonists’ travel to the ships and then embark on a long, maritime voyage rife with new challenges. Once arriving at Dragona, PCs would again have to explore the landscape, determine who and what still lives there, and help the colonists eek out an existence in a hostile new world.

Deep under Viridian Pillar lie the Raven Queen’s personal catacombs. However, with her apparent departure, the abjurations protecting the catacombs have begun to weaken. An ancient evil has awakened, and it seeks entrance to the temple sanctum in order to fully regain its lost power. PCs must track down the evil and dispatch it before it reaches the sanctum.

Relic Seekers
An agent of a wealthy patron has gathered a group of adventurers (the PCs) for a quest into the Lowlands. Many powerful artifacts were lost during the Great Migration, and the patron wants to retrieve them. However, these artifacts were originally held in places like Old Renfyr City, which is rumored to be occupied by devils, and Gevik’s Spire, which was toppled by an undead gargantuan. The PCs will have their hands full exploring the Lowlands and retrieving the artifacts. And once these powerful objects have been saved, who should wield them?

The Long Arm of the Law
Finally, hated criminal Benny the Butcher was captured by Pillar soldiers. But the caravan escorting him back to New Renfyr never arrived. One way or another, the PCs are put on the hunt for the escaped prisoner. But when they eventually find him, they will also discover a secret that could rip apart the fragile peace between the Pillars.

Story Page

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