Liberationism is the largest religion known to the people of the pillars.

The discovery that the Old Gods did not in fact live atop the world’s mountains shook many people’s religious beliefs to the core. While some refined their faiths and created Reformed Pantheonism, others listened to new ideas about independence and self-reliance. Liberationism is the codified and ritualized progeny of those experimental beliefs.

Liberationists do not believe in gods per se, but rather, natural ideals. Accordingly, the Trinity of Liberty, Ingenuity, and Endurance reside naturally within each free individual, and people can summon forth the power of each Ideal to both assist and guide them through life. When large numbers of free people gather together, the Ideals will occasionally manifest through or within the crowds themselves.

Priests of Liberationism are able to invoke divine magic similar to believers in the Old Gods. However, they wield such power not by calling out to a higher being, but by manifesting, amplifying, and controlling such powers within themselves. For some priests, the innate nature of their abilities fuels their generosity and sense of humility in the face of such communal power. For others, it heightens their love of self.

Liberty is often depicted as a strong, beautiful young woman. She represents the freedom as an adult to influence one’s own destiny and live or die by the consequences of one’s own actions. Liberty’s blessings focus on breaking restraints and on offering a choice of ills to enemies.

Ingenuity is imagined as a young child, sometimes a baby in Liberty’s arms, sometimes a toddler or youth. Ingenuity is almost always plump, smiling, and more than a little devious. He embodies a person’s ability to create, learn, and adapt. Prayers to Ingenuity ask for inspiration, vigor, and subtlety.

A weathered old man commonly represents Endurance. He champions strength through humility and success through perseverance. Believers call on Endurance for help weathering any storm.


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