Overview - Religion

The civilized world is just recovering from a great religious schism. Before the Great Migration, when free people still lived in the Lowlands, civilized people worshiped a pantheon of deities now known as the Old Gods. These deities reportedly lived in great castles and temples atop the worlds tallest mountains. Common belief held that these gods were vitally interested in the happenings of the mortal world, and would often interact with that world through various means in an effort to reshape events to their liking.

Prayers and rituals were the most common way to communicate with these divine beings, and many miracles were directly attributed to the gods. Divine magic users of sufficient power were able to communicate directly with the gods, and even novices could reliably call upon divine blessings to affect the world around them.

However, following the Harrowing and the Darkness, survivors of the civilized world climbed the great peaks to seek shelter from the gods directly. When they crested the mountains, however, they found either abandoned temples or, sometimes, no trace of the gods at all. During the years it took to settle the Pillars, many people lost faith in their pantheon that, from the looks of it, had abandoned them.

Three new faiths rose from the ashes of the belief in the Old Gods. Today, they are known as Reformed Pantheonism, Liberationism, and the Ur-Philosophy (or Ursophism).

Overview - Religion

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