Ylsauro Harbor


Before the Harrowing, Ylsauro Harbor was a small town collected around a pair of large docks used by Autun as a base on the mainland of Jana. In addition to housing for about 800 residents, Ylsauro also sported a variety of typical businesses, farms, a well-kept inn, a seedy dockside tavern, and quite a few warehouses for storage of goods coming from or being sent to Autun. Residents were mostly human and dragonborn.

Ylsauro Harbor was protected and managed by the Autun military, who kept a detachment of about 30 soldiers and a handful of officers permanently assigned to the town. The town was dominated by two 40-ft watchtowers on either side of the bridge at the center of town connecting the two docking areas, although a small walled compound served as barracks for the soldiers and the offices for the town administrator.

During the Harrowing, much of the southwest of the continent was overrrun by the undead. The island of Autun initially did not suffer any attacks, though, and the dragonborn were able to devote considerable numbers of troops to defending their mainland harbor. At one point over 2,000 Autun scaleguards camped in the outskirts of town, attacking herds of the walking dead that wandered nearby. When the dragonborn decided that they could no longer stay on their island, Ylsauro Harbor was to be the center point of the migration from Autun to the mainland. Unfortunately, most of the ships evacuating Autun never arrived at Ylsauro Harbor and were lost in the Dark Fog.

Ylsauro Harbor

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